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Generalized Diets Don't Work for Reducing Your Symptoms

What is a generalized diet?

The latest diet trends: keto, paleo, plant-based...these are generalized diets. They all work for weight loss because they all result in the same thing, creating a calorie deficit. Some people might feel better on one over another, or enjoy one better, but the end game is the same, creating a calorie deficit.

However, when it comes to reducing your symptoms and healing the body, generalized diets just don’t work. We’ve had countless clients come in after being told to follow keto, autoimmune paleo, or FODMAP diets. They come to see us because they are frustrated! The diet that was prescribed to them didn’t help a bit.

Why doesn’t a generalized diet work for reducing your symptoms?

The reason generalized diets don’t work for eliminating your symptoms such as joint pain, IBS, brain fog, eczema and migraines) is that “healthy” foods can become sensitivities in our bodies and our sensitivities are as unique as or fingerprint. These symptoms are caused by inflammation. Until the inflammation has been removed, symptoms will continue and may get worse over time. While following low FODMAP may help one person (if they happen to be eliminating their own food sensitivities), it may have absolutely no effect for most people.

What type of diet does work for eliminating inflammation?

The only diet that works for eliminating symptoms caused by inflammation is a customized, oligoantigenic diet, like the one prescribed in our Lenio program. We don’t guess when it comes to your health. We use a series of tests to understand exactly which foods are problems for you, and more importantly, which foods are going to work best for your unique body makeup. Then we will prescribe the right foods for you. We also discover your micronutrient deficiencies and address those so that you can start healing and feeling better immediately.

Can this program help me?

Once we know which foods are best for your body and which nutrients need to be supplemented, we can get you started on a healing diet. Get your voucher here: to meet with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to find out if our program is a good fit for you.


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