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Nina - “I have fibromyalgia. Prior to working with Duke Nutrition Experts I had severe vertigo, aurora migraines, insomnia and lethargy. My pain levels seemed to level out at a 4-6 and I was doing supplements. After that first year, I progressed to pain levels of 6-8 and I started trying alternative methods to get my daily levels back down to the 4-6 that I seemed to be able to “mostly” deal with better. I tried Myofacial Release and Aqua Physical Therapy without success. I then began to try the prescribed medications with horrible results. It was this time my Healthcare practitioner told me about Duke Nutrition Experts and the amazing results with their program on fibro patients. I called her immediately and got more information.which I reviewed with my husband and we went full throttle forward. My dietitian went through the process, the cost and the possible outcomes with me in great detail. At no point did I feel I was moving forward into something unknown. After receiving my blood test results and meeting with my dietitian the first time my husband and I were loaded down with oodles of information, so the road we were traveling on didn’t seem as hard and it possibly could have. I started to experience results within 48 hours. The first noticeable change was that I was actually sleeping through the nights again. This had a huge change for me in I gained the ability to cope again. From that I was able to hope for better and soon did. I shed symptoms daily and coupled with my dietitian’s knowledge and compassion to assist me in getting through re-learning what foods can assist me in “LIVING.” Today I am exercising weekly (Aqua Fit) and am ready to add a second and third day of cycling to my regimen. I have the energy to participate in family and work events as well as getting back into my art.What I’ve learned about my inflammatory foods has completely changed my life. I am no longer on any of the supplements I was on and I’ve already lost a significant amount of weight. I’m even seeing a reduction in my blood pressure (a non-fibro condition). Thank you Duke Nutrition Experts for continuing to bring this valuable information to those suffering with fibromyalgia."

Jennifer S.- "I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 27 years old and I have had eczema my whole life. I have done everything the doctors told me to do and I have used every medicine they have given me; yet I have suffered for so many years. Not a day went by that I could go without having to use something to keep the itching at bay and even weight was getting out of control. I didn’t know what else to do. I was 46 years old and enough was enough. I had to try something different. I found DNE online and my dietitian explained their program to me and we discussed my issues at length. She seemed to understand what I was going through. I was so grateful for her compassion without judgement. Once we received my blood results we got to work. I think the one thing that helped me the most at the beginning was the menu she helped me create based on what I could eat. I didn’t have a whole lot to work with and I don’t really cook so this was a bit of a challenge. She was able to create a menu that I could work with. It was simple and allowed me to change it when I needed to. This menu was my life line the first month. WOW!!! What changes I had. The side effects of following my new menu...I was completely pain free in less than a week. I was sleeping the whole night toward the end of the first week. My eczema was cleared completely up about 2 weeks into it. Oh, and the weight….I dropped 17 lbs. and a ton of inches without even trying. Thank for for helping me get my life back!! If you are thinking about what options you have for your situation please don’t wait, this will be the best decision you ever made!!"

Deb B.- "I am so glad that I found out about DNE and their Program.I have suffered with Migraines for several years, and have gone to several doctors, and all that they have done for me is prescribe drugs to mask the pain and symptoms. With my dietitian’s help and guidance, I went through their testing and found out that I have several food sensitivities. Within a couple weeks of starting the 1st stage of the program I was Migraine free! I have also lost quite a bit of weight and no longer need to take blood pressure medicine. I feel so much better than I did a few months ago. My dietitian has taught me so much about how what you eat affects how you feel. She has helped me figure out what I can’t eat, but also has helped me compile a large list of good nutritious food I can eat and enjoy. I would highly recommend DNE's program if you are suffering from Migraines or any other illness."

Lilly W.- "For ten years following radiation treatments for my endometrial and cervical cancers, I experienced a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms which at times were so painful I was would sleep on the floor next to the toilet. Regularly, I would have indigestion, nausea, reflux, cramps, intestinal pains, uncontrollable and unpredictable diarrhea, gas and bloating. Wherever I went, I learned to search for a bathroom because I never knew when a bout of diarrhea would hit. Every few months or so, the symptoms were so bad at night, I was unable to sleep, sweated profusely and had such extreme pain that I was not certain I would be able to live through the experience. Medical tests (colonoscopy and ultrasound did not reveal any problems). I followed a low FODMAP diet for 4 years, took probiotics and drank kombucha, but these only gave me partial relief but all of a sudden my symptoms would return and I was unable to understand the reasons. Every day I felt better before I ate so I would postpone eating until late morning. I was frightened and concerned I would never be free from my various symptoms. Feeling overwhelmed and recognizing that I needed help from an expert, I sought profession assistance from DNE. What a difference my dietitian made on my life. The results of the blood test help surprises. Many of the foods that I thought were healthy (e.g. spinach, lettuce, salmon) were foods to which I was especially sensitive. Because their program was individualized for me, it worked better than the general principles of the FODMAP approach. The first phase of the program is quite restrictive, but the results were impressive. In a short period of time, the symptoms I had been experiencing disappeared. I learned to accept that there were some favorite foods that I could not eat and find substitutes that I could eat that were satisfying. In later phases of the program, I have been able to introduce new foods into my food plan. This program has been useful and informative. It has given me control of a problem about which I felt powerless. Being symptom-free has reinforced my efforts to be diligent about the foods I eat yet open to exploring and introducing foods so that I can enjoy eating."

Tom R.- "In spite of the fact I’ve practice a 20 minute stretching routine first thing in the morning for over 30 years I was experiencing stiffness and pain in my knees. Also digestive issues which I would always attribute to eating bad food. Feeling lethargic was common and also a diminished ability to focus over extended periods of time. I’m a writer, not good! 
Immediately upon working with my dietitian and following the nutritional plan she gave me all
digestive issues cleared up. In addition to this with in 2 weeks a steady surge of energy emerged along with an ability to easily focus over an extended periods of time. Oh, did I mention I lost 13 pounds in the first 2 weeks. And inflammation resulting in stiffness had been dramatically reduced. Over the years I’ve bought things, new car, house etc, done things for other people but rarely ever did anything that contributed to the transformation of the quality of my life. Taking the leap and contacting Duke Nutrition Experts was a smart move on my part. I’ve enjoyed working with my dietitian and appreciate the professional guidance she’s provided to get me on the right path of nutrition. So….to anyone reading this I have only one thing to say; Just do it!"

Tim W - "Over the past 10 years or so, I had increasing problems with abdominal pain and gas after eating. These symptoms increasing caused sleep interruptions. I thought it was just normal and everyone had some type of discomfort. After some of my own research, I cut out wheat products (and anything with gluten) which improved symptoms somewhat, but I still had significant problems. I decided to go through their program. The test identified a couple of foods that were causing most of the problems and several more that I should avoid so that the digestive system could heal. The clincher for me was the my dietitian could design meal plans that would include healthy foods and exclude the “red and yellow zone” foods that cause bad reactions. The next 6 weeks was definitely an adjustment in diet, but I noticed almost immediate results. After the 1st week, I felt better. By the 4th week, there was no abdominal pain or gas and I was sleeping through the night. By the end of the 6 weeks I learned to plan meals, stay “in the lane” eating the correct foods and a balanced diet for my body type. The program worked, even though I was somewhat skeptical and asked a lot of questions at first. My dietitian was a good listener and sensitive to my individual needs, which took into account my exercise levels and calorie needs. The benefits of feeling great, sleeping through the night and savings from eliminating ineffective drug store medications far outweigh the cost. I would highly recommend DNE and their program."

Melissa L.- "I’ve spent years trying nearly every weightloss plan out there thinking that if it worked for other people it would work for me.  When those diets would inevitably stop working, I felt even more defeated – eventually I just gave up believing it could ever get better.  I had seen friends talking about Duke Nutrition Expert's program on Facebook and had an idea that I might try it sometime, just not yet – I didn’t want to spend the money on myself and surely the latest diet fad would help me (yeah right!) plus I was mostly healthy, just overweight.  That all changed 4 months ago when I was diagnosed with Stage II Hypertension.  I was working with my doctor to help deal with the symptoms from hypertension and soon found myself facing an even bigger scare.  I decided then and there that if I wanted different results I had to take some different actions.  I reached out to Duke Nutrition Experts while I was feeling scared with the news from my doctor, frustrated with all the failures that had come before, and just exhausted from trying so hard to be “healthy” without getting any of the results I had hoped for.  I was completely overridden by anxiety and totally miserable. To say that Duke Nutrition Experts has turned my life around would be an understatement.  Their program provided a firm foundation to start with – I learned that many foods in my regular diet were actually causing inflammation and problems with my body and preventing me from being able to lose weight.  I threw myself into the program because more than anything I needed this to be successful and the amazing thing is, it does work! Duke Nutrition Experts helped me build a new way to eat and she was there for me with all of my questions along the way.  During the program phases, I’ve lost 26 pounds, but I’ve gained so much more.  I have fewer headaches, more energy and I’m more in touch with what my body really needs. I’ve really enjoyed “shopping” out of the back of my closet with all those clothes that didn’t fit so well before; and my blood pressure has improved the point that I’m now medicine-free and, in case you’re keeping score, the other scare also turned out to be fine.  My only regret is that I waited so long to decide to start.  I wish I had decided to start this program earlier.  I probably could’ve avoided the blood pressure medicine as well as the other scare entirely if I had been willing to reach out for Duke Nutrition Expert's help sooner."

Amy B - "For several years, I have had stomach issues. Not only stomach pains, but terrible bloating. My girlfriends didn't believe me until we went on vacation together. In the morning my stomach would be relatively flat and by evening it looked like I was 8 months pregnant. They were convinced that I had some type of food allergy. After finally having enough of it, I decided to do the food sensitivity blood test and work with my Duke Nutrition Experts dietitian on their program. The first phase was tough, but I stuck to it. Each phase I completed, my symptoms kept decreasing. By talking to them and looking through all of the information that the program provided, I was able to "heal" my gut. My swelling went down significantly and noticeably. I lost 12 pounds .and more importantly 11 total inches. I feel that I understand how food affects me and how to restore a clean gut. It was great working with Duke Nutrition on my personal journey. Thank you!!!"

Jennifer S
Tom R
Melissa L
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