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55 Kid-Friendly Quarantine Recipes

Isn’t it crazy how life has changed in the past couple weeks because of COVID-19?

We've always offered telehealth as well as meeting clients face-to-face. But now with social distancing, our clients are using the telehealth option. They are loving meeting with their dietitian from the comfort of their own home and not having to miss appointments or risk exposure to the coronavirus.

And isn't it "interesting" having the kids at home all the time?! I know I'm hugging them a little tighter and am just glad they are at home and safe. But it comes with challenges!

I don’t know about all of you, but preparing healthy meals and snacks that my kids will actually eat has always been a challenge in our house. Now, with schools called off for the rest of the year, we are now responsible for all the meals, every day. And isn’t it crazy how often they want to be fed?!?

And when they want to eat, my kids are usually asking for not-so-healthy foods. We practice a little give and take around here, but the truth is I’m always thinking about what they eat and if they are building a strong immune system. That’s just part of having a mom who’s a dietitian.

I wanted to help out other parents who are taking on so much right now. I put together some healthier snack and meal ideas that I think you and your kids will like. Click on the links below to download the pdf's.

I hope you and your kids enjoy!


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